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Rick Mercer's take on insurance companies – Funny and true


You know when the comedians start joking about something it is usually a societal norm. Take a look at Rick Mercer’s October 9, 2013 insurance segment attached below. Click on the arrow on the right of his screen to go back to Oct. 9th. The title is “Insurance Brokers” -although it is really the insurance companies, not the brokers doing this. I will argue that insurance brokers align individual clients with insurance companies trying to get their customers the best policy. The brokers themselves are not responsible for what these giant corporations do to their policyholders.
This is a post from my sister Jokelee’s blog. She fought and won a long battle against her insurer and has written a book to assist others.
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So You Think You’re Covered. The Insurance Industry Rip-off

My sister Jokelee wrote this book which will officially launch September 14. She was in a car accident over 12 years ago, maybe more now. The car accident changed her life. It ended her career and left her with a debilitating pain disorder, followed by a diagnosis of incurable cancer, followed by rheumatoid arthritis.  The book has been a long time in the making but she wanted to write it to help other people avoid the pitfalls she encountered in dealing with insurers. Her story is a hair razing, crazy story. Think Kafka. And yet she persisted and doggedly continued her battles on numerous fronts. But these are just a matter of facts of history. Of things. It doesn’t say much about who she is.

So this is who she is if you’re interested. This is how she rolls. Imagine this. Imagine a big woman, not a physically big woman, but a large woman in spirit. Arms as wide as the sky, riding a horse, rolling over the hills, careening through the forests, intrepidly riding down the Champs Elysee, arms wide, spirit big, carrying with her, her unique style of chivalry, fighting windmills, taking the world and everyone in as she moves through life. We ride on her wings, her sense of generosity, of life, of the importance of now, arms wide, skyward, she embraces those she encounters and makes everyone feel like they belong, that they’re seen and for sure they’re invited to share a meal. How many people tonight? Oh 20. I met someone at the liquor store, the bakery, I invited the mother then I invited the father and then I thought what the hell, I might as well invite the family, arms wide open, where ever she goes, skyward,  her sense of justice finely tuned – she will tell you when you are wrong, she will fight you if you are unkind, she will warn you, against your will, if she thinks you’re in trouble. She saves animals, birds, cats, dogs. She is the sister of How Birdie Was Almost Saved By a Spatula fame.  She will wrestle you if she thinks it’s necessary and she will also pick you up when you’re down. She rides through town in that storm of generosity and the knowledge that all she has is now.She is the only person my mother felt safe with when she was sick. You’ll drop me she said to me. Where’s your sister? I want your sister.

What are you doing? I’ll ask. Skiing. What about your arthritis?. I’m only going to live once. What are you doing? I ask again. Dancing. I”ll only live once. I’m learning everything about opera, art, German, I want to speak German, Spanish, I’m learning piano. She soars upwards, skywards , her arms wide open, heart always looking to get fuller and fuller.That’s Jokelee. That’s how she rolls.

About her book:

So You Think You’re Covered!
The Insurance Industry Rip-Off

Surviving the Fight for Long-Term
Disability Benefits


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