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How to Make a Cheese Plate: Advice From the Globe and Mail

As anyone who knows me, knows, I love my cheese. My digestive system doesn’t love cheese, but I sure do. We had a little gathering a while back where I put out large hunks of too many kinds of cheese. I knew it was wrong and yet, I let it happen. Well, no more!

Sue Riedl, food writer for The Globe and Mail has thankfully come to my rescue and wrote a step-by-step guide on how to tastefully put this together. So for all of you wondering, here is the Globe article.

Or you can read the whole article by Sue right here:

How much cheese?

No matter how many guests you have, stick to three to five cheeses

If your cheese board is your main appetizer or acting as a course in your meal, you can assume about 1 to 1-1/2 ounces per cheese per person.

If you are leaving the cheese board out for a larger group or people are dropping in over a long period of time, have your cheese monger cut each cheese into two wedges (or buy two wheels of a smaller cheese like Camembert). This way you can easily refresh your cheese tray half way through the night to keep it looking inviting. Continue reading

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