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Forced Relaxation: Darn it, I love my bulbs!

Well the excitement just never seems to end over here in North Vancouver. I have thrown myself full tilt into bulbs and spring flowers. In the fall I bought tulip and garlic bulbs and planted them. Knowing nothing, I tossed them in the dirt and was quite surprised to see them peeking their heads up in December.

I didn’t think this was quite right so I kept putting more dirt over top until finally I had something of an unmanageable mountain and they still kept coming up. Anyways, the tulips are growing like crazy.

And wait, the excitement doesn’t stop here. Then I looked in my garlic container and started rooting around in there, and noticed that sure enough, they too are doing something that looks suspiciously like growing. My new relaxation ritual currently involves a daily visit with some rambunctious digging on my part just to say a quick hello and then goodbye at least until tomorrow to my little garlic bulbs. I can’t contain my joy when I’m around these things and every day I drag home another little plant.

Is this what it means to be relaxed or is this what it means to get old? I’m not sure but I’m liking it.

PS am I harming my garlic by digging around for it everyday?


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