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Lucy in Captivity – The Ethics of Moving Her — elephanatics

Lucy is one of the world’s most controversial elephants. She lives alone in Edmonton’s Valley Zoo. For year’s activists have tirelessly campaigned to have her moved to a sanctuary where she can live out her life in a warmer climate with other elephants. Elephants are known to be exceptionally emotionally intelligent and social animals. On […]

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Save Elephants from Cruelty in 30 Seconds

Watching elephants perform may look like family fun, but for elephants and other wild animals, the experience is anything but! Join us and the voice of this video, Selma Blair, at http://www.whatelephantslike.com/ in the fight against performing cruelty; and keep animals where they belong, in the wild.

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PAWS – 3 Lovelies Find a New Home

Some of you may know this story already but three lovelies from the Toronto Zoo found a new home at the California sanctuary PAWS (Performing Animals Welfare Society). Here are some great videos that show the elephants travels and arrival at PAWS. Quite the story.


Bob Barker donated generously to ensure their safe travel to their new home in California.

Since 1984, The Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has been at the forefront of efforts to rescue and provide appropriate, humane sanctuary for animals who have been the victims of the exotic and performing animal trades. PAWS investigates reports of abused performing and exotic animals, documents cruelty and assists in investigations and prosecutions by regulatory agencies to alleviate the suffering of captive wildlife.

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