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The thing about elephants is…..

once you start advocating on their behalf it’s hard to stop. How do you say ” I can’t do this, it’s too hard” .So I don’t. Here forthwith is the cutest and youngest baby elephant ever rescued by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  Watch amazing video of this baby at the end of this post.10498091_10152615433154889_1125201735462908517_o

via @DSWT Little Ndotto’s progress

Last week our teams were called to the Ndoto Mountains to rescue the tiniest baby elephant we have ever cared for.

Rescued by helicopter, this tiny bundle was delivered to the Nairobi Nursery wrapped in a blanket, his ears still petal pink. Our elephant keepers looked on in disbelief as this tiny package was unwrapped.

We named him Ndotto after his home, a beautiful and remote mountain range in northern Kenya.

Ndotto has not yet been placed on the fostering program, but we wanted to share a short film to show how he is doing a week down the line.

We thank all those people involved in saving Ndotto and the kindhearted Samburu community who went to such lengths to keep him safe.

Watch this amazing video:


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Our Reason to love elephants No. 6: They’re among the most social mammals around

As a build up to World Elephant Day on August 12th The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is listing the 12 greatest reasons to love elephants. I’m a little late here coming in at #6 but here it is for all you animal elephant lovers.

Our Reason to love elephants No. 6: They’re among the most social mammals around

Elephants form extremely strong social bonds and love nothing more than a reassuring touch. But they have their own shared language which we can’t hear… imagine what they might be saying!


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