Dr. Jane Goodall asks for Lucy the Elephant to be sent to Tennessee elephant sanctuary

Lucy the elephant has lived her life through frigid winters, isolated at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. The amazing Dr, Jane Goodall taught us all that animals are intelligent, emotional, and social beings. Now, she’s asking Edmonton Mayor, Don Iveson and the Edmonton City Council to give Lucy the chance to retire to a sanctuary. Watch & share her message + tell your MP & Senators to support the Jane Goodall Act, which will create greater protections for animals in captivity, just like Lucy.

Write your letter to your MP here.  janegoodall.ca/lucy-the-elephant

Read press release here.



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4 responses to “Dr. Jane Goodall asks for Lucy the Elephant to be sent to Tennessee elephant sanctuary

  1. I will bring my perspetive to this chat.

    It can’t hurt to communicate directly with Mayor Iveson. I have submitted requests to his office multiple times over the years with respect to Lucy. He hasn’t deemed this matter important enough for a cognitive reply.

    Hopefully the momentum will have to come from Jane, let’s hope the Mayor has the dignity to at least respond to her. Lucy deserves so much more than that.

  2. For example…

    From: Vineca Gray
    Date: Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 4:40 PM
    Subject: Valley Zoo – contravention of zoo regulations
    To: don.iveson@edmonton.ca

    Greetings Mayor Iveson :

    Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on your recent incumbency as Mayor of Edmonton. Alberta now has a powerful leadership ‘duo’ in yourself and Mayor Nenshi of Calgary.

    I am also contacting you today on the matter of ‘Lucy’, the Asian Elephant that has lived alone at the Valley Zoo in Edmonton for many years.

    This occupancy is a contravention of zoo regulations and it deserves a sober and informed response. I hope you agree that this elephant ‘Lucy’ deserves to be relocated to a sanctuary in a warm climate, among other elephants.

    Recently in Toronto, public opinion and City Council played a key role in the final proceedings that resulted in 3 elephants relocating from the Metropolitan Toronto Zoo to sanctuary in California.

    Please place this issue on your agenda for imminent decision with Edmonton City Council. You can give this solitary elephant a deserved retirement at peace and with fellow elephant companionship.

    I look forward to your good judgement in this matter.

    Respectfully, Vineca Gray

  3. Never Kneaded You

    I hear good news that Free The Wild has taken on this case! They have also taken the case of Mundi, an elephant trapped in a closed zoo that lost their federal permanents many years ago. I hope Lucy gets to a sanctuary soon!

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