The Ultimate Wildlife Rescue Guide

If you’ve ever spotted a wild animal in trouble and wished you could help this guide is for you…

DIY Wildlife Guide helps cover practical steps you can take to help injured wildlife by running through the most common scenarios – including how to pick the animal up.

First Steps – What You Can Do Today

Get prepared!

Look up your nearest wildlife centre online to find out what wildlife they can treat and where they’re based. This will save stressful emergency phone calls with an injured animal in tow.

We recommend the following websites:

If you don’t have a pet registered with a vet, also take a look at what 24-hour vets are nearby.

Save the numbers to your phone so they’re ready to go when you find an injured animal.

It’s also worth stashing a cardboard box and towel in your car in case you come across a road injury. Wildlife does have an inconvenient habit of turning up when you are not prepared for it.

So now you have some basic information let’s run through the most common types of wildlife living in the UK and what your course of action should be if you find one injured.

From fluffy to spikey, feathery to scaly – whatever is going about its business in the great outdoors. Here’s what you might find in trouble.

Access the full DIY Wildlife Rescue Guide here.


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