ACTION for Kidnapped Baby Elephants Destined for Chinese Zoos

10849804_941371222547696_6560763297292959950_nWill YOU let up to 100 baby elephants be kidnapped from their families in Zimbabwe and sent to Chinese zoos? Say NO! ACTIONS HERE to save the Zimbabwe baby elephants from China! #MarchAgainstExtinction #GMFER #SaveAfricanAnimals
1) Please SIGN, SHARE & TWEET these 3 petitions for the innocents kidnapped from their families:

Sign International Fund for Animal Welfare – IFAW’s letter to Zimbabwe here:

2) Join the Tweetstorm for these elephant babies and help #SaveAfricanAnimals:

3) Are you IN South Africa? Please show up! There’s 3 protests on December 19th outside Zimbabwe consulates for the kidnapped elephants, in Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg!

Cape Town protest event page:

Pretoria protest event page:

Johannesburg protest event page:

Thank you!


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