Thank you to Hallmark for responding to elephant advocate outrage

10522144_851974788154007_8098451405893074393_nHi everyone, this is an update on Hallmark who had listed ivory as the 14th wedding anniversary gift idea (from elephants who shed tusks). Many advocates emailed them and posted on their Facebook wall and they have done the following. THANK YOU TO Hallmark for responding to elephant advocates’ outrage and CHANGING their theme for a 14th wedding anniversary from Ivory to Animals, with ethical choices for gifts including an eco-tour or donation to a wildlife organization! Thanks to all of YOU who responded to our August 3rd call to action – you did it! We appreciate Hallmark’s response to our concerns that they were promoting the sale of ivory, and over their misinformation that ivory jewelry is often made from ivory “shed naturally from animals”. Here is the new text on their website:

Theme: Animals
Note: The traditional 14th year gift was ivory, but endangered elephant populations make this an unethical choice.

For spouses
Tie a love note to a new stuffed animal…or to your dog’s collar. If you’ve never done it, try out a horseback riding lesson together. Or, take a nature walk and look for birds and other wildlife.

Go on an eco-tour to see animals in the wild.

For another couple
Donate to a wildlife organization in the couple’s name.
Link to this post on their website:

So thanks to everyone for your help. This is the power of social media and a collective voice for change.


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