David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust #FosterFriday – Garzi

As a build up to the upcoming Symposium on International Wildlife Trafficking in London on February 11th and 12th I want to share stories and tales of the wildlife that is trying to be saved. My focus is elephants but the more I look the more I see and the bigger the problems seem to get. Tigers, rhinos, lions…anything that moves seem to be a target. It’s harder to guess what’s not under siege.

But today let’s focus on this story – the story of Garzi and his rescue by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. This is a good story but nevertheless heart wrenching for what this poor guy has to go through. Luckily he lands in safe, warm loving hands. This is just a fraction of the work that this organization does.  Here is Garzi’s story.



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3 responses to “David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust #FosterFriday – Garzi

  1. Emma Grace

    Thank you for this Tess…

  2. Emy Will

    Heartwarming. These guys will put their lives on the line to fight the scourge of poaching!

    • Yes, for every incredibly horrible story you hear there’s another better story and that’s what keeps me going. There are some good people in this world. Not of course the Danish Zoo who just killed Marius but others…Thanks for stopping by Emy and all the great work you do. Tessa

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