Cinque Terre, Italy – A little shelter from a storm

This is the view from the balcony in Vernassa,  Cinque Terre, Italy. The little restaurant below is called Ristorante Gambero Rosso  which you can see if you really squint your eyes and focus carefully on the awning. It serves amazing stuffed mussels and delicious local wine. We stood under their awning watching the craziest thunder and lightning storm until we decided to go in and enjoy their hospitality.They even helped us find a room on a dark and rainy Sunday night.893571_10151277977427470_263325970_o

Picture by Dave.


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3 responses to “Cinque Terre, Italy – A little shelter from a storm

  1. That is so pretty it’s unreal. Looks like a painting instead of a photograph. Loveliness!

  2. Looks like a water colouring. Marvellous.

  3. The brooding and threatening sky actually brings out the colours and character in the buildings… amazing photo!
    What I *LOVE* about smaller places like this is that often local willingness to go the extra mile…like helping you find a room for the night, THESE are the experiences that make a place more than just a another name on your travel map… you will now always have a wonderful memory of a beautiful place and a great story behind the memory!
    The photo is worth of publication too btw… would look amazing in any good quality travel magazine.

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