Bill C-38 Sucks But There’s Still Hope

Bill C-38 – the omnibus bill that contains changes to retirement age requirements and numerous changes to environmental protection is upsetting for a number of reasons. Green Party leader Elizabeth May provides a summary of the changes of the proposed legislation in this excellent piece and how it will impact the environment.The Burnaby Now also wrote about the impact of this legislation  on fish habitat. Richard Poplar in this weekend’s Globe wrote a guest editorial piece called “Forget Hockey and tuition: If anything calls for a riot, it’s Harper’s stealth governance.” that outlines why we should really be angry.

In spite of this there is a lot cool stuff happening that gives reason for hope and optimism. Through my work I encounter numerous individuals, businesses and organizations who are committed to mitigating their environmental impact.

Simon Fraser University, Pacific Blue Cross, VanCity, Hemlock Printers, Ritchie Brothers, Earls Restaurants, the folks at SeaChoice  to name just a few and of course the amazing people at Climate Smart. Climate Smart works with municipalities to match funding for companies wanting to take a workshop that uses software, and coaching to help SME’s measure and reduce  their carbon footprint.  Cut Carbon Cut Costs is their tag line and it underscores the positive message that sustainability is also money-saving and cost effective. When I see organizations on a local level doing this kind of thing it gives me hope. I love it.


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