Twenty Things about 2011

I love lists so here’s my list of 20 great things about 2011.

1. I loved camping this year and so did Reuben.
2. I found a job I like where I learn new things every day and I work with people who are smart and allow me to enjoy frequent belly laughs.
3. I went to a talk by Paul Hawken that inspired me.
4. I made new friends.
5 I thoroughly enjoyed the times I spent with my crew of buddies both here and in Calgary.
6. I had the chance to dance my ass off and I loved it.
7. Thanks to Dave I was completely surprised.
8. Thanks to Dave I got to hear new music and bands.
9. I got an iPhone (which I love).
10. Yoga, running and a commitment to staying away from food that is bad for me (gluten, too much dairy and sugar) allowed me to have a year where I felt healthy and good almost every single day.
11. I started reading again.
12. I loved doing the Grouse Grind and the BCMC trail with my good buddies Eva and Susan.
13. My pal Reuben is better off now that he’s eating home cooked meals!
14. I can think clearly about my future – and going back to school is a part of that.
15. Everyday I see people who are committed to making the world a better place and that inspires me.
16. I started volunteering and it has opened my eyes.
17. I have good people around me who have helped me become more compassionate.
18. I am going to work hard to waste less.
19. I still miss my mom everyday but it hurts less.
20. I understand fully that the only thing I have is right now and that makes me feel life more. And that makes me happy.



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5 responses to “Twenty Things about 2011

  1. Such a beautiful list! You inspire me to make one of my own. And I love that you danced your ass off and were “surprised”. . . and #20 is what I aspire to. Thank you.
    – alison

  2. Hi Alison,

    You always make my day when you stop by. Thanks for your kind words. I did ‘dance my ass off’ until 2:00 am and then 4 hours later I was at the airport on our way to Vegas! So much fun! If you ever get a chance to hear Paul Hawken speak I would urge you to go. He’s amazing. (environmental journalist).
    I hope beautiful things come your way this year.

  3. Beautiful list Tessa! I love it. It sounds like there was a lot of happy times in 2011 and I wish you more of the same in 2012. Here’s to more growth, discovery, laughter & fun!

    • Thanks Nicole – My happiness comes from realising that life is just a bunch of moments and u have to enjoy as many of those as possible! Happy Happy 2012 to you and Ross.

  4. Mickydick5000

    Wow 😳 2011 will be a blast!

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