My Last Week of Forced Relaxation. Next Stop: Retirement

For someone who didn’t know how to relax I sure have come to love it and am now wondering when my next long period of relaxation will come.. .unless we win the lottery it will be retirement. Wow, I now know how enjoyable life is when you can:

1. Spend endless days on the couch with your dog/best friend and do nothing.

2. Hang out with Dave and do nothing.

3. Discover awesome urban trails in North Van and beyond.

4. Cook like a maniac.

5. Discover yoga.

6. Discover doing absolutely nothing.

7. Go skiing with human best friend (also known as my husband).

8. Discover a love for plants and flowers and gardening.

9. Go to yoga and coffee with my sister and my girlfriends.

10. Meet my good pals for dinner at various locales about town.

11. Not do any real exercise for a full year (aside from yoga and skiing).

12. Make time for friends.

13. Repeat all of the above over and over again.

The key will be to maintain my newly learned calmness and carry it over into my non-retired life.  Thanks world, for giving me time to enjoy you.


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