Conversations with my mother: Maybe we can dance my way

Tessa: Hi Rosie Posie
Rosie: Hiiii
Tessa: How are you doing?
Rosie: Not too bad. Tired all the time.
Tessa: Maybe it’s the medication.
Rosie: Maybe. I’m looking forward to you coming. Everybody is.
Tessa: Me too. I’m excited to see you.
Rosie: I have a skinny sprout head. I look like a bird.
Tessa: No you don’t.
Rosie: Yes, I do.
Tessa: Stop looking in the mirror then.
Rosie: No. (giggles)
Tessa Anyways,
Rosie: My legs are like string beans.
Tessa: How’s that different?
Rosie: Well they’re more stringy.
Tessa: You have nice legs.
Rosie: It’ll be harder to dance now.
Tessa: Don’t worry about the dancing. We can wave our arms in the air.
Rosie: I can probably manage one leg too. Two arms and one leg. Wowwweeee. We’ll watch soccer together. You know the Dutch are very good at soccer.
Tessa: I can’t wait.
Rosie: Me too.
Tessa: I love you.
Rosie: Me too. I love you too. I’m not dead yet you know.
Tessa: I know.


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One response to “Conversations with my mother: Maybe we can dance my way

  1. Dee

    Hey Tess,

    This sounds SO like your mother…I still remember her comment about ‘Planet of the Apes’…”Acchhh…too many apes”…

    Love reading your blog about Mom…

    Lots of love,


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