Real Canadian Superstore disturbs bubble of imposed relaxation

Hello, I am not a marijuana plant

Hello, I am not a marijuana plant

In the last week or so I have come to feel that nothing can disturb my extremely relaxed state, not even the prospect of a job and not even a call from home. For one thing, I’ve discovered gardening. How quaint for someone who barely knows what a plant is. The plan is to keep it simple. I know what a tomato is and I know what basil is. I make salads and sauces with them all the time. I can even identify these two ubiquitous plants/herbs.

So off we got to Real Canadian Superstore to go and investigate plant pot situation which is critical. Above all a pot must look good and because I happen to be of dutch descent and therefore cheap, it must also be inexpensive . A dutch gardener like me wants it all.

All I can say is that the Real Canadian Superstore parking lot is probably not unlike dodging snipers in Sarajevo at the height of the war. If I ever plan on going into live combat I’ll start simulation practice by venturing back into that perilous territory.

What’s more I didn’t get my good looking cheap pot there either. The trip, quite simply, was not worth bursting my serenity bubble.


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