Conversations with my Mother: On Getting Sympathy When Sick

Because today I am sick I decided to call my mother for coddling and sympathy.  Actually as I was limping around the kitchen feeling extremely sorry for myself, even Dave suggested I call Rosie. Then he laughed evilly – knowingly. Tee hee. Why the evil smirk? Because he knows the Rose. And he knows how this conversation will go…

Ring Ring:

Tessa: Hiiiiiii. Cough Cough

Rosie: Tessie. 

Tessa: Yes….gargling and sick noises.

Rosie: Is that you? What’s wrong?

Tessa: I’m sick.

Rosie: Were  you an het boomele (dutch way of saying partying?) You know you shouldn’t do that at your age. You never could take it. Always looking so yellow.

Tessa: No mom. I’m actually sick. I have a cold.

Rosie: Well what happened?

Tessa: Well it happened yesterday. All of a sudden.

Rosie: Well I’m fine.

Tessa: Yeah I know.

Rosie. Well you know I always have that little cuff. (she demos the cuff (cough). It’s my asthma. So terrible. Your brother has an inhaler. I told him not to smoke. We have weak lungs.

Tessa: Yeah. I know. Anyways. I ache. And my throat is sore.

Rosie: I can’t be near anyone who’s sick. You know that.  I could die. 

Tessa: Good thing I’m just talking to you on the phone then.

Rosie: I’ve had pneumonia three times. But I was never sick at your age. Make sure you get your blood sugar checked. Diabetes runs in the family.

Tessa: Yeah. Anyways. I’m feeling pretty tired so I’m going to go.

Rosie: Max pees too much. He needs to get his blood sugar tested.

Tessa: Okay mom. Bye. Love you.





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3 responses to “Conversations with my Mother: On Getting Sympathy When Sick

  1. wow, i think you were over at Mom’s this afternoon with us, seeing as this exact conversation took place. Max definitly needs to get his blood sugar tested ASAP.

  2. My mother passed away more than 20 years ago from cancer but I SO recognise this sort of conversation from my Mother in Law…!!!! (also a grand Dutch old lady, currently still going strong at 90 years of age)

    • That’s funny hey. I skate with a Dutch woman who is 80 and she reminds me very much of my mother as well. I wonder if there is some Dutch humour or gene at work!

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