Alex Morin is a devilishly handsome genius. Funny too!

Tessa: Most people who know Alex Morin, his mother and myself included, maybe even Alex himself, would agree that he is not only devilishly handsome with those big brown chocolate eyes but he is also rather brilliant.  At three he could name every kind of truck known to humankind, by eight he had a certain finesse with the word ‘asshole’ and at fifteen he not only owns some pretty sassy dance moves but he also happens to have an encyclopedic knowledge of sports and Neil Young.  How can you trust me? How do you know I’m telling you the truth and not lying to you the way so many others might especially in my family? Well, I’m not lying because a few years back Dave and I had the pleasure of spending a little time with Alex when he was in Vancouver.

I didn’t really know him that well and worried that we wouldn’t have anything to talk about. Well it turns out I had nothing to fear because Alex is a versatile, nimble and willing participant in all conversations!  I also thought he’d be bored senseless and who knows maybe he really was and that’s where the lying part comes in but he seemed pretty happy to hang out and watch Seinfeld, go for a walk on the beach (actually I think he hated that part) watch endless movies and eat his greens. Okay that’s a lie. That guy definitely doesn’t like eating green things but really that’s very minor. When it was time for Alex to go I was actually kind of sad which is the opposite of how I feel when it’s time for guests to leave.  Most of the time I can’t wait to get rid of people and the adrenalin rush I get from the anticipation of their departure gives me a bit of a led foot when I’m on the way to airport, where I unceremoniously deposit them at DEPARTURES. BYE. SO LONG. ENJOY YOUR LIFE. Actually that’s what my cousin said to me the other day when he hung up. “Have a good life.” which indicated to me that this was to be our last conversation.

Not so with Alex though. I still like him even after his departure. And even though we don’t really talk we facebook which is even better than talking. So in the end I realized that the things that we’re great about him were the things that I mentioned above. And also the fact that even though he tries to hide it, he is actually very sweet. Oh, by the way. This is not a paid advertisement.



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7 responses to “Alex Morin is a devilishly handsome genius. Funny too!

  1. cool name man me 2 tehehe

  2. Alex Morin

    uhh email me back cool name man

  3. this article is quite impluvious and i think that it stimulated my senses because you sound sooo hawt and sexy son so anyway call me 911-658-1337

  4. i think that this article is great, but it has a typo.

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