The love for your pet…. priceless

Dave: So I’ve learn ed a few things over the last little while; there are people who unconditionally love animals and then there are the other people.

I remember when I bought my VW Jetta VR6 a few years ago (now sold), it was a pretty hot little car. Everyone was very supportive and congratulated me on such a nice purchase; “Great car, way to go, nice job”.
Now we jump ahead to this last month when some of these same people found that the cost of all Reuben’s surgeries, was roughly the same as the car. All I saw was raised eyebrows, wide eyes and large inhales of breath… and even a couple of head shakes.

So let me think this through; a large hunk of air polluting metal or, an animal that brings our family unimaginable amounts of joy every day… hmmmmm.

Another dog was in the cage next to Reuben at the hospital. He had had the same emergency as Reub and his intestines had failed to hold after the second surgery. The owners decided that they didn’t want to go for a third surgery, even though their dog was only five and if the operation was successful, he would have been 100%. We couldn’t figure it out… we thought the money must have been an issue, until we saw them drive away in their Lexus.

I think you do what you have to do, you make it work. After four surgeries Reuben is doing fantastic. He’s making us laugh again… he’s family.

Our family member, or a fancy car?…. I know what gives us more joy.


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One response to “The love for your pet…. priceless

  1. I lost a beloved family member today, a scrappy, crazy, mind of her own ferral-type spca 39 breeds of animal…a sweet little girl named Ginger. If given the, cars, boats,travels…just let me have another hug with that happy loving, carefree little dog. May you continue your crazy run away from everything life and be fed t-bone steaks by all the loving people that are up there that loved you..and will continue to love you. Buddy sends hugs and wags to his little baby sister.Be happy little girl and know that we all enjoyed your crazy antics every day you were with us. And for all of you out there, savour every precious moment you have with those you love.

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