Our Reuben

Dave: This is our little hero that is struggling through each and every hour right now. He’s such an awesome dog…. he’s in so much pain but doesn’t complain about anything. After six days without food, he’s just started to eat small bits from my hand .  picture-002.jpg



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3 responses to “Our Reuben

  1. D. Peace

    What a cool dog. I hope he’s well.

    Sorry to hear he’s still in pain.

    It’s amazing how a dog’s spirit can remain high, even when they’re at a disadvantage.

    My aunt loves and had three different golden retreivers over the years. The oldest of which eventually got cancer and died, but not before having her leg amputated. Well, you’d never know she was disabled. She ran and played and was as happy as you could imagine, despite only having three legs.

    Dogs are kind of inspiring that way. I think people could learn a lot from animals.


  2. gigi

    Hi Guys,
    I just read all the updates, and Ijust wanted to say I’ve been there! Our little Ruby has had 3 surgeries from obstructions, and each one was completely heartwreching.
    Hope things are ok.
    Love from the g

  3. THREE??? That’s crazy. Our vet said that she did a surgery on a lab where they removed a whole toy animal farm. She said they were joking about what would come out next…Hey look a BOAR! I hope Ruby is doing okay. I know she’s a bit of a crazy woman.

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