Intergalactic Travel

Tessa: So last night Dave and I are walking out in the trails behind our house and it’s a beautiful night, still a little cool but the sky is indigo and the air is moist and smells like spring. You can smell everything growing and blooming and it’s nothing short of delicious because I’m with my boy and our dog and life just doesn’t get much better than those moments. So we’re chatting and Dave starts telling me about this movie he saw as a kid, he was 10 but still remembers it well. It’s called Cocoon and it’s about people who decide to give up everything on earth to become immortal intergalactic space travellers. Then he pauses on the trail and looks deeply into my eyes and just when I think the night can’t get much better because I’m going to be kissed amidst all the beauty of this moment, he says, “I think about it a lot.” “You think about what? ” “You know getting on a space ship. Going to another planet. Maybe to planetron. I always think about that movie.” “But we haven’t even traveled here yet.” I say. Then he tells me about the scene in the movie between the grandpa and the grandson and how they’re out fishing and grandpa says to the boy “I’m going away son.” ” When will I see you again?” asks the boy and grandpa says, “Never son and that’s just the way it’s gotta be.” And off he goes to intergalactic glory. So all of this begged the question which I then asked, “Would you go?” “Yes,” he said. “But I’d beg you to come.” That’s nice. Dave already has one foot on his space ship! Then we kissed but somehow I was still perplexed.


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  1. Jim

    Ohhh Tess. Have you not yet told Dave about how you regularly make trips to the Mothership yourself? I think you both have more than one foot on a spaceship….but that is all part of your charm!

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