101 ways to torture your husband

Dave: Tessa and I decided to take an evening class together. I voted for oil painting, woodworking or pottery. Tessa voted for Indian cooking, jewellery making or yoga… we needed a second vote. My next choice was co-ed ball hockey, Tessa picked … 101 ways to torture your husband. After a third round of voting we agreed on Pilate’s for core strength. Seeing as we both have many sports injuries, that have now turned into carrying the groceries injuries or getting out of bed to go pee in the middle of the night injuries, it seemed like a great idea.

I pulled on my best pair of cutoffs and grabbed a towel (who needs a mat) and off we went. Once in the gym I noticed it was me and eighteen women, all in very stylish workout gear (except for Tessa who had her baggy track pants on with gravy stains). The teacher told us to put our hands on our mid section, just below our bra straps, and take a deep breath so our breasts stuck out……. I could hear the ball hockey game starting down the hall.

After an hour of breathing, pelvis thrusts and exercising the muscle that holds in your urine, it was time for the body lifts… okay I’m not sure what the official name is but it’s when you lie on your back and lift everything so only your shoulder blades and feet are on the floor. It seemed easy enough… until my hamstring decided to pull… I think only the people immediately beside me heard the muffled scream coming from my tensed body. I thought this class was supposed to give us strength not injury… Tessa was having a good laugh watching me struggle. I wondered what all the other husbands were doing. I limped to the car after class… not before asking the teacher for a good hamstring stretch and if we would get a full refund if we dropped out after the first class.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this class, but I have to admit, I felt great the next morning and we both had an amazing sleep. I have a full week to rest my hamstring before our next class of: 101 ways to torture your husband.


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  1. Janet

    i can’t believe there are only 101 ways

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