Inside the Gullible Mind

Tessa: I was at work yesterday when someone shouted that there was a bobcat outside. A bobcat I thought. That’s so cool. That’s so weird. So I dropped everything to wander outside to witness this wildlife miracle. Imagine. A real live bobcat right in someone’s backyard in East Van. Ohmiggod, I hope he doesn’t eat Alley (the company cat). Worse. I hope he doesn’t’ eat me… then my scattered brain immediately flashed to AHHHHHH poor bobcat. That’s so sad. He’s lost his way. So when I got outside to check out the bobcat the only thing I saw was Alley wandering around the back yard like the East Van hoodlum he is. I worried briefly for his safety. But still no sign of a bobcat. Crap. He must have taken off I thought. Then I looked up and saw this Finning Tractor like thing ploughing some abandoned oil well. Someone tapped me on the shoulder. That’s the bobcat. Ohhhhh, I said. A little light went on and the dots connected. Finally. Oh to be gullible.


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