My Brother in Law: Jim

Dave: My brother in law, Jim, is always giving me a hard time about the length of my hair, which is long. He calls me things like Tom Petty or hippie… and on extra witty days he’ll say I stay home just to condition it… pretty good material eh? The other day his wife, Mia, was talking to Tessa on the phone. Tessa mentioned that I was going to get my hair cut. Mia, who I might add, has excellent taste, said not to cut it because it looks good long. So later that night Jim phones and is talking more trash to me about the long hair, saying something very clever no doubt, when he mentions how both him and his wife think I should just cut it off. I quietly mention to him that Mia told Tessa she thinks I look good the way it is. Jim doesn’t believe this and has to verify this with Mia, who tells him she does indeed like it. Jim realizes he is on his own and is speechless. Discombobulated and without support he mumbles something before quickly hanging up. I’ve decided to post a picture of Jim with his short hair, and how he wants me to look. Meet my brother-in- law, Jim




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4 responses to “My Brother in Law: Jim

  1. Jim

    Ohhh Dave …. I have to admit that Mia does seem to think that there is some charm in that 1980’s Tom Petty mop that you are sporting. The jury is out as to why but I guess it works for her. But more importantly, can I have the name of your Thesaurus – Discombobulated??? I think you need to incorporate footnotes in your blog when Tessa helps you out with the big words 🙂

  2. Taya

    Uncle Dave, what is the thing under???……

  3. Hi Taya, I used a roll of wire to hold your dad’s big fat head.

  4. i love those curtains!

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