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David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust #FosterFriday – Garzi

As a build up to the upcoming Symposium on International Wildlife Trafficking in London on February 11th and 12th I want to share stories and tales of the wildlife that is trying to be saved. My focus is elephants but the more I look the more I see and the bigger the problems seem to get. Tigers, rhinos, lions…anything that moves seem to be a target. It’s harder to guess what’s not under siege.

But today let’s focus on this story – the story of Garzi and his rescue by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. This is a good story but nevertheless heart wrenching for what this poor guy has to go through. Luckily he lands in safe, warm loving hands. This is just a fraction of the work that this organization does.  Here is Garzi’s story.


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Shout For Their Survival – The Wildlife Summit to End Poaching

thunder“Their futures is in our hands. Save #elephants before it’s too late. Call on world governments to #endwildlifecrime http://thndr.it/1bwbLG6

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Save Elephants. End the ivory trade.

Elephants are being killed every day for their ivory . Every 15 minutes, an elephant will fall victim to the illegal ivory trade.

Wildlife Summit

On 12th and 13th February 2014, governments from around the world will gather in London to determine how to end illegal wildlife trade, discussing:

• Improved law enforcement and the role of the criminal justice system

• Demand reduction for wildlife products

• The development of sustainable livelihoods for communities affected by illegal wildlife trade

The Prince of Wales and The Duke of Cambridge will be attending along with 50 Heads of State invited to enhance high-level political attention on this crisis which is devastating our most iconic species.

Get Involved

Call for action and send your message to those attending the conference by joining  the DSWT thunderclap campaign, ensuring your voice is heard loud and clear on 12th February.

For further information on the work of the DSWT please visit: dswt.org

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Dr. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for Elephants and Rhinos: Chemi Chemi November Update

ImageAs a foster parent to Chemi Chemi one of the orphaned baby elephants at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, I receive monthly reports written by Dame Sheldrick. The report includes an update on all the orphans including some of the battles lost and won in their frontline struggle against illegal poaching of elephants. The orphaned baby elephants are there quite often because their families have been slaughtered for their tusks. Those who support the Sheldrick Trust are supporting the important work of a frontline organization that is waging a battle to save elephants from being hunted to extinction. Every day I’m astounded by the human audacity to use, break, destroy, terrorize, mutilate, parade all manner of wildlife for greed and self-interest.

Elephants have the same life span as human beings. They have the same development growth as humans. They are social, sophisticated, smart, complex animals with an enormous capacity to remember, love and mourn. The more people are aware of the slaughter that is going on in Africa and the war that is being waged against its wildlife the greater chance these animals have of surviving. Standing by and watching species go extinct one by one, as the same time as we wage war on our planet is starting to make me sic.  Those are my sober thoughts for a Sunday night. Elephants are not bracelets or trinkets.

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