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Let the Great World Spin: Colum McCann Book Review

What a great title. What an amazing image. And let me tell you something else, Colum McCann delivers in imagery, language, structure and sheer moments of heart wrenching beauty in telling a story that begins with the famous highwire tightrope … Continue reading

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Pandemic Daze: A World Without Crowds

AP Photo credit John Locher If you had told me earlier this year that cities across the world would look like this, I would have said it couldn’t be possible. Nothing could bring down the inexorable momentum of population growth, … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Co-founder Paul Allen and the Great Elephant Census

  I subscribe to an elephant newsfeed (surprise surprise)  and I often scan the headlines and move on but I stopped at this one when I learned that Paul Allen had died.  Paul Allen in addition to being the co-founder … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Delicious Curry via Curry Head

.I got this recipe via my Curry Head brother who has a keen eye for delectable curries.This is so flavourful and fantastic in a way that is very different from other curries I’ve had (and I’ve had a lot). The … Continue reading

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Minutiae #11 – The CBC – Why I love it and its relevance in today’s world

There are lots of people who love to hate the CBC starting with Stephen Harper and the Conservative party of Canada. For those of you who don’t know what the CBC is, it’s the Canadian Broadcasting Company. It has been … Continue reading

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My 2012 List of Great Things

My 2012 year which I loosely like to call “A Glass Half Full” was exactly that. One of my greatest discoveries is that I like a glass to be poured more than half full. What took me so long?  The … Continue reading


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Conversations with my mother: Oh Tessie, isn’t this great!

For my mom, the little Dutch girl. Often when I was a young girl my mother would look at the incredible dinner we were eating and say, “Ohhhh Tessie, look at this. This isn’t so bad at all. If only … Continue reading


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My Great Reads 2010

I started 2010 out with the ambition of reading 100 books this year. Like all great plans mine was waylaid by the exigencies of life. I did, however, still manage to read some great books. My top reads this year … Continue reading

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Summer Reading: TransAtlantic by Colum McCann

I’m not going to make you read until the end of the review to find out that I loved this book. I loved it. I read Colin McCann’s Let the Great World Spin a few years ago and fell beautifully … Continue reading

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Book Reviews

A big thanks to all the writers who work tirelessly at this lonesome trade. Without you I wouldn’t see the world in the myriad of ways you show me. You challenge my perception, make me empathetic, inspire anger and laughter, … Continue reading


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