Dangerously Cute Dogs

Welcome to Dangerously Cute Dogs,

Send me pictures of your dangerously cute pooch and I will post them here.


6 responses to “Dangerously Cute Dogs

  1. Dear Condofire,
    Thank you for choosing me to be on your Dangerously Cute Dogs page. I’m not sure I’m deserving but my master tells me everyday how cute I am. Please come and visit us soon.

  2. Trust me Milton – You are a dangerously cute boy and what’s more – I love the way you love:) Send more pics any ol’ time!

  3. georgieporgie

    read ‘the art of racing in the rain’speaking of talking[ sorry thinking] dogs you will love it and cry at the happy ending almost nothing to do with rain or racing. GM

  4. Bettye Knight

    What a fabulous photo of Milton. It was such a treat looking after him and love his big smiles!

  5. Happened upon your site looking for Rum Ball recipes. Never made them in my life, but very curious how they taste. Dog looks terribly cute, not dangerous, lol!

  6. Flor Soderholm

    Dog owners have to consider several factors when buying or building a house for their pets. As a true member of your own family, providing your pet with the best home possible is of the utmost importance.


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