Global March for Elephants and Rhinos – October 4th, 2014 – Find your city!

ImageThis year I have pledged to help raise awareness and funds for elephants and rhinos. Both of these iconic species have wandered the earth for billions of years. Under our watch they are being hunted to extinction for their tusks and horns. In less than 10 years they will be gone unless people raise awareness and help fight for their survival.

On October 4th cities all over the world are marching for rhinos and elephants, Please find your city and join the march. Please share this post with others. If there isn’t a city near you, organize a march. I’ve never done it before but I’m going to this year. I’m nervous, I feel a bit insecure. I could say I’m scared to death. But I’m going to do it. What I’ve discovered is that there is a world of people out there who are doing the same. Please join the march for Elephants and Rhinos.

★★★ LIST OF MARCHES – PLEASE JOIN – and send email to this page with questions if you have any ★★★ 

Event pages are slowly beginning to emerge-this is going to be BIG 

Here is a list of the cities participating till now-we will be updating the list continuously and will provide links for each march- Lets do this!!




->Kenya- Nairobi






->Pretoria -S.A

->Durban- S.A.

-> Johannesburg- S.A.

-> Mossel Bay- S.A.

->Grahamstown – S.A.

-> Port Elizabeth- S.A.

->East Rand, South Africa


->Minnesota- U.S.A.

->San Francisco- U.S.A

->Columbus, Ohio-U.S.A

->Charlotte,North Carolina-U.S.A

->Washington DC- U.S.A

-> Las Vegas- U.S.A

-> Phoenix, Arizona- U.S.A.

->Houston, Texas- U.S.A (Please note: this is a group instead of an Event page, which is fine. To join and participate, just click “Join Group” in the upper right side under their cover banner.)

->Dallas, Texas- U.S.A

-> Austin, Texas – USA

-> Fort Lauderdale, U.S.A.

-> Los Angeles- U.S.A.

->Lake Havasu-Arizona.U.S.A.

->New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.

-> Seattle, Washington , U.S,A.

-> New York, U.S.A.

->Boston, U.S.A

->Boulder, Colorado

->Kauai, Hawaii


-> Halifax, Nova Scotia

-> Edmonton, Alberta

-> Vancouver, British Columbia

-> Toronto, Ontario 

-> Sudbury, Ontario 


-> Germany-Frankfurt

->Madrid, Spain

-> Spain-Barcelona

->Italy- Padova

-> Rome

★United Kingdom★




->Scotland- Edinburgh


-> Hyderabad, India

->China-Hong Kong

->Sri Lanka-Columbo


->Melbourne- Australia 

->Australia-Edmundi, Queensland

-> Australia-Perth

-> Sydney, Australia

-> Auckland, New Zealand 

-> Wellington, New Zealand 


-> Dubai 


->Brazil – Rio de Janeiro

->Buenos Aires- Argentina



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Poem of the Week: Collect Call by Ash Bowen (via Alison McGhee)

Somewhere out there, an operator plugged in
the wire of your voice to the switchboard

of Arkansas where I am
happy to accept the charges—an act so antique
I think of Sputnik beeping

overhead, lovers petting in Buicks
and glowing with the green of radium dials.

But what you’ve called to say is lost
in the line’s wreckage of crackle and static.

The night you went away
the interstate glowed red beneath the flaring
fins of your father’s Cadillac.

Now this collect call
from outer space & what you’ve called to say
is clear at last: Among stars

lovers come and go easy as you please. It’s the gravity
of Earth that makes letting go so hard.


A big thank you to Alison for her generous curating of these gems.

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